What is Kelly Brush

Kelly Brush are Abrasive Sponges for Dental Cleaning of Dogs and Cats

This innovative system is the answer to the problems connected to bacterial plaque and tartar in dogs’s mouth, often provoked by a not at all correct diet.

As periodontitis triggers severe diseases that in the long run may prove to be lethal (endiocarditis/glomerulonephritis) veterinaries are more and more often obliged to clean dogs’teeth under general anaeshtesia.

Recently, some brushes for dogs’teeth have been put on the market; yet, they are not of much help probably because difficult to use.
For this reason, we thought about something new to make the cleaning of our pets’ mouth easier.

The device is really plain: it consists in 2 abrasive sponges which are glued onto a disposable glove, one on the thumb’s end, the other on the index’s end.
This way, we have two different areas of friction rub as the borders will adhere to both the maxillary and mandibular arches. Imparting to the sponges circular and up and down movements, you will achieve the result of a speedy, accurate dental hygiene.
Depending on the size of dental arches in different dogs, we offer four types of brushes of various shapes.

During the brushing with Kelly Brush the dog is quiet, because the movements of the owner’s fingers will prove less traumatic than the contact with a traditional brush. Moreover, the greater size of the sponges will bring to a perfect hygiene on a wider area of both gums and teeth in the shortest time.

The Kelly Brush system has been thought for the oral brushing of both dogs and cats.
It can suit different races , in order to clean gums and teeth better and make them healthier.

Start using an antitartar sponge if teeth are covered with tartar. Once it has been removed, you should keep on using an antiplaque sponge.

While brushing, put your index and thumb between the dog’s teeth and cheeks; its mandibula will be kept closed.

The frequency in weekly oral cleaning will depend on the amount of plaque/tartar on the animal’s teeth which is proportional to its diet ( dry/humid) and to the shape of both mandibula and maxilla.

It will be useful to train your pet to the brushing as a poppy. Brushing will be a sort of play-time, so keeping its dental hygiene will result easier.